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August 12 2019


Don Juravin protects homeowners against Bella Collina Homes abusive management. Bella Collina Florida is a ghost town located 40 to 60 min away from Orlando. It has 17 years history of bad luck. Bella Collina homes and lots lost 500 million Dollars to homeowners. Actually, 500 to 700 families that invested in Bella Collina LOST ALL THEIR MONEY and more.

Don Juravin helps homeowners to know the FACTS ABOUT BELLA COLLINA. I believe Bella Collina is JINXED with BAD LUCK. Therefore, I WOULD NOT GET MARRIED in Bella Collina.

A homeowner in a Lake County luxury community said he has been dealing with "terroristic" and "mafia-like" behavior from the developer (Dwight Schar). Don Juravin filed a lawsuit claiming that when he spoke up, he was retaliated against. Even though Bella Collina has been around more than 15 years, the massive Montverde-area development is still mostly a ghost town with very few residents.

Juravin and his wife showed Channel 9's Steve Barrett wiring that he believes was cut outside their home as retaliation for complaints he made about the community.

"For 16 years -- this place existed for 16 years, and only 5 or 6 percent is occupied with family," he said. "It tells you the situation." Juravin filed a lawsuit last week in Lake County alleging libel, business interference, invasion of privacy and breach of contract, among other things. He said Bella Collina retaliates against residents who complain about financial dealings or other aspects of life at the troubled development.

"There is a club here," Juravin said. "But I'm not allowed and my family is not allowed to go to the club, because I placed a bad review on Google." Juravin's lawsuit also alleges that Richard Arrighi, a disbarred attorney, runs the community and clubhouse. Arrighi was convicted of funneling almost $10 million out of the state of Massachusetts' unclaimed checks fund.

"What we've seen with Bella Collina is that if someone gets in their way, anyone who's connected to them is fair game," said Andrew Hill, Juravin's attorney. Juravin's suit makes a long list of claims, including illegal control of the property owners association, bullying homeowners and intimidation. "I saw so much going on I said, 'Somebody needs to stand up to them,'" Juravin said. "They're taking people's money."
Channel 9 reached out to the development several times Thursday, but a spokesman said he was unwilling to comment on the record.

Before Barrett reached out to the development, he was mailed court documents that were enclosed in Bella Collina envelopes.
The documents included sticky notes suggesting that Barrett take a look at them, but the documents were not signed.

The documents are injunctions against two people, including Juravin, preventing them from saying certain things online about Bella Collina.

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July 25 2019


Diablo II Power Leveling Your Power Guide For Leveling Your Diablo 2 Game

Diablo II Power Leveling - Your Power Guide For Leveling Your Diablo 2 Game Diablo II is one of the popular games these days. If you are playing this game and want to reach the 60th level the fast way then you have to know some 
Diablo II Power Leveling guides to get in the way. Definitely, playing the game of Diablo 2 or any other fresh and new game makes you want to think that you want to be the first one to reach the game's leveling cap. Here are some power guides to level up, reach the goal, and hit the mark. Diablo 2 Power Leveling Power Tips Gather Quest - doing quests is simply the first thing that you need to do to power up in the game of Diablo 2.

The truth is that this game comes with more than hundreds or thousands of various quests that provide you with tons and tons of gold and EXP right upon completion. Thus, this makes you understand that gathering all the quests  that come along your way is the best way to power up. Avoid Junk Quests - you might want to think that quests are essential for you to quickly reach the sixtieth level but you have to be reminded that not all quests you meet in the 
game are is not helpful to reach your goal. There are the so-called junk quests which are specifically designed as time-wasters. They are designed to hold your game back and make it too long for you to reach the game's sixtieth level. Be Aware of the Different Types of Quests - knowing that quests are very vital for your Diablo 3 game, it is also important to note that not all quests are helpful as stated above.

This means you have to be very skeptical on the types of quests that you should be gathering. Know the quests to be avoided and the ones to be accepted. If you've known the best quests to do, hoarding a great deal of experience points becomes possible, thus allowing you to reach Diablo III's 60th level. Get Experience Bonuses Bonuses in this game can be obtained when you trigger certain types of events. Here's the breakdown of experience bonuses for 
Diablo 3 game: Mighty Blow - this one is triggered when you're able to kill over six opponents in just one attack. Destruction - this one's usually triggered when you've killed over six objects all at once. Pulverize - this is triggered 
when you make use of traps such as chandeliers and weak walls in killing over three opponents. Massacre - this is triggered when you're able to kill lots of opponents in just a small space at a small period of time, so buy Diablo III items from our site.

Diablo III items is so popular during these days. In fact, you can buy Diablo III items today which are sold on many online sites today. Take time to look over on these sites and pick the best Diablo III items of your choice. With these items, you'll surely enjoy Diablo 3 Power Leveling in your exciting game of Diablo III and be the first one to reach the goal.

July 10 2019


Bella Collina Homes - residents complain of intimidation

Don Juravin filed a lawsuit claiming that when he spoke up, he was retaliated against. Even though Bella Collina has been around more than 15 years, the massive Montverde-area development is still mostly a ghost town with very few residents. Don Karl Juravin Protects homeowners The latest suit is one of many lawsuits filed against Bella Collina and Randall Greene

July 02 2019


Diablo 2

Players will create a hero from one of five character classes, and discover on their journey new and familiar areas of Sanctuary, acquire powerful items, spells and abilities, and battle hordes of demons to save the world from the horrors.
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June 01 2019


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May 25 2019


Judi Kartu Onlin Judi Poker Terbaik Terpercaya 2019

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May 19 2019


The Best Marbella Boat Parties

Marbella Boat Party, the most exclusive boat party, special for hen groups, stag parties and groups that are looking for 3 hours of good vibes, music, animation, drinks and all with a refresing swing on the Mediterranean sea.

The Best Marbella Boat Parties

Marbella Boat Party, the most exclusive boat party, special for hen groups, stag parties and groups that are looking for 3 hours of good vibes, music, animation, drinks and all with a refresing swing on the Mediterranean sea.

May 11 2019


ingilizce kursu

We are language school in Istanbul
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April 29 2019


March 25 2019


Bengkel Terbaik Ciputat Bintaro Jakarta

https://getpocket.com/s/IsjXF . Bengkel Body Repair Bengkel Ketok Magic Bengkel Cat Duco Magic Kewe , Jl. Bintaro Permai, RT.10/RW.10, Bintaro, Pesanggrahan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, Kontak 0812-8245-2149

http://bit.ly/BengkelKetokMagic_2HRhwUK . Bengkel Cat Duco Mangkewe adalah Bengkel Body Repair Bengkel Ketok Magic Bengkel Cat Duco di Jakarta selatan dengan harga yang terjangkau dan kualitas hasil bagus, akan membuat kantong anda tetap aman. Memberikan jaminan mobil ada menjadi mengkilap layaknya baru karena kami mengutamakan kepuasan pelanggan.
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February 27 2019


November 16 2018


Bringing Ideas To the World With InventHelp

There is something to be said about succeeding in taking an idea from its inception to reality in what is a competitive world, and the right marketing tactic can – and often does – make the difference between an idea that is fleeting and a concept that becomes a staple of its industry. Digital marketing is one of the most brilliant ways to bring awareness to a promising concept or product in early development. CEO of InventHelp, Robert Susa, says “tying your invention to an emerging or existing trend that is influencing customer behaviour can be a great way to heighten customer interest and drive sales”. InventHelp Invention Ideas Digital marketing is this era’s print marketing, the king of the advertising and marketing industry.
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The Realities and Constraints of the New Tech Age: InventHelp to the Rescue of Struggling Inventors

InventHelp’s procedural system begins by accepting calls from inventors regarding their ideas and projects with full confidentiality. The system then refers the inventor to a nearby office for further consultation, while also sharing with them the experiences of others before them. The company’s website also houses a blog where ideas, stories, insights and warnings are shared, helping the system immerse the inventor into a theoretical framework of success. Accommodations and insight make all the difference for innovators and the case of Andrew Sanderson, an ex-British Royal Air Force engineer and a current inventor, proves this point. Sanderson came up with an extremely durable and functional mechanical pencil as his brainchild product, after beginning his career experimenting on and repairing the Mini Cooper car his father gifted him. He continued such an interest in mechanical devices after joining the Royal Air Force at the age of 16 and received a computer programming degree from a community college. Sanderson then began using his skills and tools in mechanical engineering and computer science to focus on his own projects, launching two Kickstarter campaigns to raise funds for his ‘Modern Fuel Pencils’ project. The inventor also believes in the importance of faith, accommodation, guidance and assistance in for innovation, which are all technicalities provided by InventHelp to the company’s clients. It is striking almost how every inventor takes notice of the above given dialectic, intellectual property which further solidifies InventHelp’s position in the market because the company has managed to integrate an interactive corporate design into its methodology to produce concrete results for its inventors.
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